Thursday, July 12, 2012

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HI !!
Finally made this so called beauty blog!
Awalnya takut keteteran karena gw juga punya blogroll sendiri di a Simple Way to Remember Days . Cuma setelah pikirpikir dalam waktu laaaaama, dengan pertimbangan a beauty review sangat tidak cocok dengan postingan gw di blogroll tersebut, ditambah di indonesia ramenya kan beauty blogger bukan beauty tumblrer *haha*, jadinya gw bikin deh nih NY's Project ~ a Little Footprint . YEAAAAAY!!

This blog will mostly talk about ::
product review of body care line
product review of face care line
dermatologist treatment review
SPA and SALON review
cosmetic review
both from Local brands and International brands. probably u'll read a lot review about Korean brands here since i'm addicted to purchase sample from any Korean products. *cant help myself*

So, please enjoy yourself here. Kindly give feedback on my review and follow me! =)


a bit saying from my fave dermatolog,

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